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Headwear. Artist. Design. is a spin off of the H.A.D. originals brand, emphasizing design over mass suitability. 

As Content Producer as well as Content Manager and Designer we planned, enrolled and produced the content for their first collection: Peaks.

Focussing on design, unique product and brand features as well as customer benefits, we created unique videos and graphics for website, clients, newsletter and socials.

Going further we designed our very own collection called 'Fast Boys United' releasing SpringSummer 2024.

Client: HAD Originals

Year: 2022-2023

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

Product videos for all products of the collection. 

Product pictures for all products including detail shots.

Product pictures for all products of the collection. 

Website material, catalogue footage and newsletters.

Besides the whole collection which was captured on website and social media, also the planning of the rollout for sales and socials was part of the job. 

Emphasizing the design, special features of the product and benefits for customers were central part of the campaign. All came together in a fast and artsy design in ravages of time.

Going even further we designed an own collection for spring summer 2024 called Fast Boys United. Our designs are featuring a heat map which demonstrates the heat of a track in the middle of the summer and repeating runs over and over again, starting from the same points of a track. Also the colors mark a significant change in vibe than the Peaks Collection.

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