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It is all about branding and bringing different pieces of design together making it a whole CONCEPT.

In the following projects you will find different designs and works for brands, which stand as an example for ist Corporate Identity. "m.r.c. studio" was creating the brand or at least significantly defining the CI, matching and optimizing the outer apperance and values of the brand.

The highest score wins, know your players' special abilities and watch out for unpredictable events to get closer to victory round by round and reach the finish first. The first runners card game.

A pair of glasses that unites the opposites of angular and organic in one object.

All design work from CD over Social Media up to all Club wear designed by Marc Tortell. Pioneering in the world of athletics and redefining club running on the highest level.

A spin-off of the H.A.D. Originals brand to give artist collaborations the stage they deserve. Collaborations that bridge the gap between sportswear and everyday suitability. Works of art that meet ultra-functional products. 

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