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Creating something whole new, be it an "m.r.c. studio" project, be it a project based campaign for a client or a piece of art.

The REDESIGN chapter is for projects or artworks that stand for themselves. One hundred percent, scripted, designed and executed by m.r.c. studio.  

An AI artproject that shows the transformation between human and posthuman creatures. Different scenarios were given to an AI in form of prompts, which produced slight differences to the previous image so an animation evolved over time.

A 173 pages book showcasing the difference a pair of glasses can make when it comes to outer appearance and first impressions. All kind of glasses covered with interesting photography and editorial.

Three Instagram Facefilter that only appear when showing an emotion. Either happiness, anger or fear can be mapped onto ones face and showcase ones emotion as a piece of visually appealing virtual art.

Fasture" is a typeface designed to combine speed and the future. A deliberately technological design was chosen to emphasise the future aspect of Fasture.

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